Photos! Photos! Photos!

Photos have become an important element in today’s world. With the proliferation of applications such as Instagram, Seed, Vsco, Flickr, and Facebook, everyone is so focused on capturing photos everywhere there go and at any time of the day.

Not only youngsters, the older generation are also picking up the knack of capturing photo and uploading them onto social media platforms. Events and celebrations are considered incomplete without photo booths and photos.

Print photos instantly!

The demand now is for instant printing in Singapore and we cannot deny that the feeling of getting the photo immediately is one of the best feelings! We, at Pixelinc are here to ensure you go back home after an event with the photo prints in your hands and a big smile on your face.

We work hard and creatively to ensure that we capture all the details in your event. We even give importance to the moment right before the camera snaps when everyone is at the craziest version of themselves laughing away joyously.

Instant Print

The services we provide include photo booth, professional photography, and instant printing in Singapore. We specialize in the customization of photo booths as well instant printing in Singapore. No matter how crazy or out of the world your details are, we will materialize them in the best way possible to make your event the talk of the town.

Our instant printing in Singapore is divided into two types of services, namely Instant Print and InstaPrint. Our Instant Print service will collaborate with our Professional Roving Photographer who will capture all the beautiful moments of your event.

The photos captured will then be creatively customized by the talented Pixelinc Graphic Designers to create a customized template overlay for the printouts. You will also get a high quality softcopy of the photos.


Meanwhile, our InstaPrint service which is another type of instant printing in Singapore that we provide is a more social media-friendly version that the Instant Print. The guests will be able to post their photos onto Instagram through InstaPrint. Then, their post will be printed out in an instant. Again, our professional graphic designers will create a customized template overlay for all the printouts.

All the printouts for our instant printing in Singapore will be done using High-Speed Sub-Dye Printer which means the process will be quick without compromising the quality of the photos. So, head over to our website to enjoy your event like never before!