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Crazy about photos

Everyone today is crazy about photos. They younger ones, the older ones, the school-going ones, the working ones- everyone love photos. Thanks to the increasing popularity of social media and applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Whatsapp, and Vsco, everyone is going crazy about photos.

From capturing beautiful moments such as sunsets and sceneries, capturing meet-ups and reunions, capturing food, to capturing everyday routine, photos have become incorporated in everyone’s lives. People are also becoming crazy about instantly printing the photos they capture. This act of instant printing has gained so much popularity in Singapore.

This is where we come in. If you are in need for instant printing in Singapore, we, at Pixelinc would be more than happy to help you.


Having worked in a lot of events and celebrations, we truly understand the difference that instant printing makes. They are delighted to know that they can get the photos instantly. Guests go back home with a wider smile when they get hold of the photo prints and this truly marks the success of the events and celebrations.

As one the leading service providers of instant printing in Singapore, we provide nothing but the best to our customers. We focus on the details that matter and we give importance to moments when everyone is laughing away. We capture these details and joyous moments and hand them to you instantly. This is why we highly sought after for instant printing in Singapore.

Our services

Our services include photo booth, professional photography, and instant printing in Singapore. We specialize in the customization of photo booths as well instant printing in Singapore.  We provide two types of instant printing in Singapore, namely Instant Print and InstaPrint. Instant Print enables you to get a picture customized by Pixelinc Graphic Designers while through InstaPrint you can directly upload your photos to your Instagram account and print them out in an instant.

As the leading service providers of instant printing in Singapore, we never compromise the quality of the photos. We use High-Speed Sub-Dye Printer for all the printouts for our instant printing in Singapore to ensure the print outs are of high quality.

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At Pixelinc, we strive towards excellence and in meeting the needs and requirements of our clients at all times.