Tips for choosing your Photo Booth!


Are you planning for your event, and worried that your guest might not be enjoying themselves? Looking for a memento for all your guest?

Photo Booths are known to have one of the highest entertainment value for any types of events!

Everyone would want the best service provider for their event. But does an expensive service gives you the best quality? Then any company could charge you a high price and stand out from the rest by simply over charging you!

Well the truth is, and everyone would agree that the price of the service is relative to the standard of quality.

Cheap photography services would disappoint you one way or the other. If it doesn’t, you’re in luck! But what if things does go sideways on the day of your event? Or even worse… your Wedding?

You wouldn’t want your guest to have a bad image of your event? How would you feel when your guest aren’t enjoying themselves at your event?

At Pixelinc, we are set to make your event stand out from the rest at affordable rate!

Take for example this photo booth set up above. 

Imaging your guest arriving that the venue, and seeing this Fairylight backdrop sparkling right at the entrance of your event. How impressed will they be with this magical sight!

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